International Air Cargo

International Air Cargo

Aerial cargo service within Europe or anywhere else in the World, choose one of our three solutions according to the urgency of your request.

With a simple click in our website, connect to the World and track your shipments.

Rapidix International Air Express

This service is designed for the express transport of documents or goods door to door worldwide.

Rapidix International Cargo - Intermodal

Mixed cargo service for the transport of heavy loads, where the economic factor is more important than the time factor.

Delivery in major cities in Europe and the rest of the world. Keep track of your deliveries using our Track and Trace service.

Rapidix Hand Luggage

This is a special service, normally documents or small volumes, following as hand luggage with an employee of Rapidix.

Our employee accompanies your order from the place of collection to delivery location, to any destination in the world.