National Cargo

National Cargo

Rapidix offers solutions tailored to your needs, anywhere in the mainland and also in the portuguese autonomous regions.

Express or Groupage cargo, we transport everything, from an envelope to pallets.

You can make your orders online through our website, and monitor your shipment, refunds and returns through our Track and Trace service.

Rapidix 24h

This is the low budget service.

We ensure the deliveries in the next business day after collection during working hours throughout the mainland, from an envelope to heavier and larger volumes.

We also offer deliveries in comercial centers.

Rapidix 13h

Rapidix offers you an Express service, with deliveries in the next working day until 13h.

We ensure this service for documents and packages up to 30 kg throughout the mainland.

Rapidix 10h

For your most urgent services, with delivery the next business day after collection until 10am.

This service is for deliveries in the major cities of mainland Portugal, for documents and volumes up to 30kg.

Rapidix Express

Service running on dedicated vehicles, for specific needs, whether occasional or regular.

We collect immediately, with flexible hours and direct or scheduled delivery, in vehicles equipped with GPS so you can make the permanent monitoring of your shipment.

Rapidix Pallets

Service for pallet distribution at national level in 24 to 48h, with collection service, refund, comercial centers and Track and Trace so you can track the status of your shipments.


Rapidix Islands Aerial - Madeira and Açores

We offer a deliveries / pick-ups air cargo service in the autonomous regions, with refund and Track and Trace service, so you can track the status of your shipments.

Rapidix Islands Ocean Freight - Madeira and Açores

This service focuses on the economic factor, not speed. With weekly departures, tuesdays and thursdays, depending on the destination islands. We guarantee door to door deliveries, refund service and Track and Trace.

Rapidix Full Trucks - Large dimensions

Dedicated transport trucks service. We conduct large weight and dimensions transport.

Service on request.